Whether you want to gain more insight into data from different sources, automate a complex process, or create an app to make your entire department enter its data in the same way.

It’s possible with the tools from the Power Platform!

So, what is the Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform consists of four parts. These tools are powerful on their own, but even more powerful together. Because they work together seamlessly, it’s easy to build complete and powerful business solutions.

What is the Microsoft power platform?
Power BI

Create insight with Power BI

Power BI creates insight into your data and makes interactive reports and dashboards. You retrieve information from various data sources and present it in user-friendly dashboards. This enables organisations to make data-driven and better decisions.

Easily build powerful applications with Microsoft Power Apps

With Power Apps you create solutions for your specific challenge. There are three types of Power Apps that you can get started with. These are Canvas Apps, Model Apps and Power Apps Portals.


Automate business processes with Power Automate

Power Automate is a service that allows you to automate (complex) processes. Consider, for example, when you receive an e-mail with an invoice. This is automatically processed in your financial system. The financial department can then receive a notification for approval, followed by an automatic payment.

Create intelligent chatbots with Power Virtual Agent

Customers increasingly prefer to have their questions answered via channels such as WhatsApp. And employees like to quickly find out about their holidays without having to switch contexts when working in Teams. You can solve both with Power Virtual Agent, a visual tool that allows you to create intelligent chatbots by making your own dialogues.

Power Virtual Agent
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Data connectors, AI Builder and the Common Data Service

The aforementioned parts of the Power Platform are supported by three components.

Data connectors

With these connectors you get data from other applications.

AI Builder

A low-code tool to apply AI within your process. Train your own models and use them in your apps!

Common Data Service

A service to store your data intelligently, create business rules and set up your security.