Everything we do is focused on bringing you closer to your customer. We believe this can only be achieved by being personal and relevant.

We can help you to create more effective and personal relationships with your customers. By combining LivePerson’s technology and our 15+ years of expertise on customer experience we support you in creating more valuable digital interactions with your customers.

Our LivePerson partnership

LivePerson’s AI-powered conversational platform helps our customers to make it easy for their customers to buy products and get answers to questions, in messaging channels they already use every day. Channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google RCS and WhatsApp drive efficiency, increase CSAT and improve employee engagement in their customer operations.

We’ve been partners for over 10 years and we have done amazing work together blending this expertise and tooling. LivePerson’s AI-powered conversational platform is a great fit for us in the customer experience strategies we create for and with our customers.

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LivePerson’s AI-powered conversational platform

The LiveEngage platform empowers consumers to stop wasting time on hold and, instead, message their favorite brands just as they do with friends and family. The intelligence of LiveEngage helps to reduce costs, increase lifetime value, and create meaningful connections. With bots at the forefront of messaging’s always-on experience LiveEngage supports your conversations with a unique combination of people and AI working together.

Our Digital Customer Experience team

Your customers are looking for an experience that goes beyond what technology can offer. Your employees are the ones making the difference in the relationship with your customers. Therefore, we believe you need to focus on both technology and on people. We do this by enabling and growing the change competence in your organisation. This change capacity will enable you to innovate.
Our Digital Customer Experience consultants work closely with the LivePerson team and have extensive experience with LivePerson’s capabilities. They know how to help you with your organisation’s ambitions and how to guide your digital transformation successfully. We support you all the way, guiding you through internal change and helping you to design the best approach to adopt digital in your customer interaction strategy.

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Who we've helped

We work with over 30 of the most forward-thinking brands in Europe today, like Delta Fiber Netherlands, Caiway, ANWB, Virgin Atlantic and Jaguar Land Rover, to drive more digital in customer care supported by LivePerson’s messaging and automation platform.

Our Digital Customer Experience consultants would love to engage with you on this can impact your customer operations.

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