Professional and personal development is, as part of our core value "Improving", one of the central elements of CRM Partners' corporate culture. With this in mind, our colleagues from the delivery department are continuously focusing on personal tasks and goals in addition to their customer projects.

The “Team Goals” of our colleagues are therefore aligned with the release waves of Microsoft regarding Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. This time Software Developer Anagha Sagare and Technical Consultant Mahmoud Samir looked at the new features of Power Apps.

Wave 2 includes some exciting innovations in the Power Apps area. There are new features for both Canvas and model-driven apps. The two most interesting ones are presented below, along with instructions on how to implement them.

Mobile Push Notifications for Model-driven apps

With this new feature of wave 2 it is possible to send notifications to user’s phone if the mobile app is installed. This feature can be used to notify the user about important information or to get their attention to complete certain actions in power apps. User can simply tap on the notification to open the corresponding Power App.

How to use it:

First create a simple power app. After that, create an automation via Power Automate and add “Send Push Notification V2” as an action. Give the power app you created in the first step a name and add a recipient email for the notification. Once you run the Power Automate action, the user will receive the corresponding notification on their phone. Remember that the user must be logged into the addressed Power App with the same email that you entered as the recipient for the push notification.

Power Apps
Power Apps

About the authors

Anagha Sagare, Software Developer, CRM Partners

Anagha Sagare

Software Developer
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Mahmoud Samir, Technical Consultant, CRM Partners

Mahmoud Samir

Technical Consultant
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Interactive map component

For Canvas applications it is now possible to create interactive maps. The new function offers the possibility to show locations as well as additional information from data sources. With a click or mouseover, name and additional information can be provided. Furthermore, the map can be flexibly panned, zoomed and tilted as well as displayed in satellite view.

Interactive Map

How to use it:

Simply connect the map to a data source using the locations (Items) property and then add the following fields to the related property.

  • Latitude to ItemsLatitude
  • Longitude to ItemsLongitude
  • Display name to ItemsLabels

The stored data source can be an Excel spreadsheet, a Sharepoint list, a dataverse, or something else.