Professional and personal development is, as part of our core value "Improving", one of the central elements of CRM Partners' corporate culture. With this in mind, our colleagues from the delivery department are continuously focusing on personal tasks and goals in addition to their customer projects.

The “Team Goals” of our colleagues are therefore aligned with the release waves of Microsoft regarding Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Our Head of Support Carsten Möller and Senior CRM Consultant Sascha Köpke looked at the innovations in Dynamics 365 Sales in the course of Release Wave 2.

The complete feature list can be found here.

New features for Dynamics 365 Sales

Wave I 2020 introduced a new feature that customers have been waiting for – the new Forecasting function. Now, with Wave II, many great enhancements to Forecasting have been introduced. The Forecasting module allows sales management to analyze exactly which sales opportunities are currently available per territory or account manager. It also provides an analysis and history function of the changes in the opportunity over the last weeks and months that the opportunity has been worked on.

The following new features are included:

  • It is now possible to use your own entities for forecasting and utilize the entire capabilities in all areas of the system.
  • Disaggregation of data by different criteria such as product family, area or even salesperson is now possible.
  • New capabilities are now available for different currencies and forecasting quantities in the opportunity.
  • The different levels of employees can be included in the forecast, so that the manager does not have to share his processes with the employee.
  • Direct adjustments can be made to the calculation models of the calculated fields in the forecast module.
Team Goal Dynamics Sales

New features for Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

In Sales Insight, AI capabilities continue to automate and support sales. AI helps users identify customer issues and opportunities and gives employees more ways to work with customers. This automation can be trained and evolves with the employee over time. This leads to a better relationship between the employee and the sales department. The employee has the opportunity to build a closer and more personal relationship with the customer through AI support.

Sales acceleration

The new Sales Accelerator is a way to organize the employee’s workday. It helps prioritize daily tasks in the context of lead and opportunity. The already well-known and long-proven email and phone integration makes it quick and easy to complete tasks from within the system and get in touch with the customer.

Team Goal Wave 2 Sales
Create new Sequence

Work list:
The new ability in Sales Accelerator to create a sequence of tasks and activities presents an opportunity to standardize processes and make them comparable. This work list is placed on the left side of the screen and displays the most important tasks. With a clear structure of activities and the possibility to sort them by priority, the daily routine is very well organized.

Team Goal Wave 2 Sales
“Next up Widget”

Next Up Window:
It is also possible for the manager or employee to add activities faster. These activities can be viewed via the “Next Up Widget” on the left side and appear directly above the employee. By setting the due date it is also possible to control where the activity is displayed. The data is displayed for lead and opoortunity data.

About the authors

Carsten Möller, Head of Support, CRM Partners

Carsten Möller

Head of Support
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Sascha Köpke, Senior CRM Consultant, CRM Partners

Sascha Köpke

Senior CRM Consultant
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New features for Dynamics 365 Product Visualize

New AR and 3D product visualization features are available in Dynamics Sales. Wave II includes extensive new options. These enable products such as a winter garden or a machine element to be moved freely in space and viewed from all sides. This form of mixed reality is expected to be available to everyone from March 2021.

Product Visualization
Place 3D Objects

With this new product visualization, which is deployed and calculated in the cloud, these capabilities can also be made available and demonstrated to customers via tablets. The whole thing is called Azure Remote Rendering.

Object Properties
See Object properties