Adobe is well-known for its creative software for marketers, designers and developers. But Adobe also offers an extensive marketing suite called Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Campaign is a powerful campaign marketing solution in this suite with many different options. For example, as a marketer, Adobe Campaign allows you to easily design, execute and analyze multi-channel campaigns. In addition, the solution offers a central place where you have access to all customer data and profiles. In this article we share the 6 most important benefits of Adobe Campaign.

1. Show customers that you know them personally

Adobe Campaign makes it possible to customize content on different channels and to specific customers, so that a personalized experience is created. This is very simple with functionalities such as  dynamic content in emails, apps and text messages. Perhaps you want to communicate a different message with customers who already own a specific product? In that case you can easily adjust the content of your message dynamically.

2. Easily design advanced campaigns

You reach customers through various marketing channels. With the user-friendly workflow editor in Adobe Campaign, you as a marketer can use different channels to design a campaign. This way you can combine web, mail and mobile to deliver a personalized message and transform every customer journey into a unique experience.

3. Quickly analyze results and improve campaigns

Adobe Campaign has a standard integration with Adobe Analytics. Because of this, there are various dashboards you can choose from which help you analyze and improve the results of campaigns. In addition, as a marketer you can quickly design your own dashboard, so that you have real-time insight into the performance of your campaigns and can easily make adjustments.

4. Use of Adobe Campaign results in a high ROI

Research conducted by Forrester together with Adobe Campaign customers shows that the tool has a high return on investment (ROI)[1]. This is mainly because Adobe Campaign allows you to communicate with your customers in a relevant and personal way. Customers who receive personal and relevant communication are usually more loyal, return more often and recommend you to others; and this increases the ROI.

5. It is part of a large Adobe family

Adobe Campaign is one of the integrated solutions from the Adobe Experience Cloud. Other solutions from the Experience Cloud include Adobe Social, Adobe Targeting, Adobe Experience Manager and since the acquisition in 2018; Marketo. According to Forrester research, Adobe is the ultimate leader in marketing platforms with its Experience Cloud[2]. By combining different solutions from the Adobe Experience Cloud you have everything within reach to be where the customer is.

6. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

To improve the collaboration between Marketing and Sales, CRM Partners has developed an integration between Adobe Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics 365. In Adobe Campaign, marketers can easily set up marketing campaigns through different channels. The integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables sales teams to easily see and manage leads that have been qualified by marketing. This enables your organization to improve the handover of leads and the collaboration between Sales and Marketing.