A shock wave is going through the landscape of generators, managers and suppliers / water, gas, electricity and telecom.

You’re dealing with fierce competition and dynamic customers. And you don’t just want them to buy your services, you want them to be true brand ambassadors. How do you increase the involvement and loyalty of customers in this transition market? We help you with that.

Sustainable and valuable customer relations

Customer needs have changed significantly. Your consumer wants to feel understood and be assisted immediately. Otherwise, they switch to a competitor in your market. Being customer-focused in all phases of the customer journey is what you need to keep your customers close, as they are searching for comfort, convenience, safety and sustainability. This includes human, intuitive and personal contact moments, both digitally as with sales, marketing, and service employees.

A clear 360-customer view and relevant marketing campaigns

We create customer insight, so you can work on an optimal customer experience and valuable customer relation from there. A complete customer view gives your employee the right tools for a first-time fix of a complaint. And you approach customers with relevant marketing campaigns, as you know exactly what’s going on.

Optimal customer convenience through self-service and omnichannel engagement

Your customer also desires insight. After all, with solar panels on the roof, your consumer suddenly becomes a prosumer. This requires a new approach and it changes the relation between you and your customer. Self-service environments should be easy to use, and support an error-free process. Preferably with the full integration of chatbots and direct contact with your employees.

Bring customer and IoT data together with Business Intelligence and Machine Learning

The rise of smart devices enriches your data. Combine and analyse customer data and data from IoT applications with Business Intelligence and Machine Learning. These interactive PowerBI dashboards put you ahead of switches, surprise your customers with relevant marketing campaigns and send your service employee off for proactive maintenance.

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