Rabobank IDB is an international organization with entities in Germany, Belgium, New Zealand and Australia. All countries work with different software solutions and processes. This caused five times more development and maintenance costs. Rabobank IDB needed to be more in control of their costs and risks to be successful. To achieve those goals Rabobank IDB had to focus on an overall cost reduction globally and to reduce complexity in their systems.

This started a complete transformation of the information infrastructure and technology. In order to shape the transformation they needed a better understanding of financial and customer insights was necessary. Data needed to become the enabler for 1-to-1 marketing, personalization, increased insight in customer behavior and balancing self-service and customer service.

There were three important aims for this project:

  1. Gain accurate management information of clients, volumes and processes, based on several data sources.
  2. Define specific target audiences for marketing campaigns, based on Rabobank IDB’s analytical environment.
  3. Have the possibility of looking forward and doing predictive analytics.

“What’s special about Rabobank IDB is that they are 100% focused on SaaS technology. They choose to do every part of their business in the Microsoft cloud. They are a frontrunner in using new technologies to improve their daily business and services.”

Tom Lebens, Senior Data Engineer at CRM Partners.

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Customer story Rabobank IDB

Building a solid datawarehouse for Rabobank International Direct Banking

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